Extensive engagement helped inform design

Since the project started in the summer of 2018, WSDOT has regularly reached out to the community and stakeholders in the project area.  Click on the numbers below to find out more.

Outreach by the numbers


Open houses


Outreach booths at local fairs and festivals


Stakeholder interviews


Community briefings


Stakeholder advisory group meetings


Executive advisory group meetings

What we’ve heard

I-90/SR 18 Interchange
  • Backups onto I-90 create a safety hazard.
  • People go out of their way to avoid the interchange, negatively impacting “main street” businesses.
  • People are concerned with how congestion will be mitigated during construction.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists can’t use the interchange.

SR 18 Widening
  • Widening SR 18 from Deep Creek to the interchange is a high priority for the community.
  • People are concerned with how the project will affect access to trails, land use, fish passage and air quality.
  • SR 18 is narrow and has no median, which causes safety concerns.

Weigh/Inspection Station
  • People are concerned that the new station will add to the problem of trucks parking on shoulders, ramps and city streets.
  • Community members near the proposed station outside of North Bend are worried about issues of noise, air and water pollution.
  • The proposed station location outside of North Bend is next to an outdoor education camp. People are concerned that a  station there will impact the scenic character of the location.
  • Those associated with the freight industry have expressed a need for an eastbound station for effective enforcement and a safe place to chain up when the weather is bad.

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